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Ella De Maître

HR Officer

Rombiteer since 2018.

Ella hires for the will, not just for the skill. Show her your enthusiasm!

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Reading tip: Ella’s vision on ‘Nextgen employees’

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Welcome to our office! During this interview, we want to find out if there is a personal, cultural and technical match. Let's talk about your ambitions, your experiences, our mission, and our culture. Grasp the opportunity to ask us any burning questions.

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Tips from Rombiteers

Be brave

Explain how you can bring Rombit to the next level. Dazzle us with your fresh ideas.

Be curious

Come prepared and ask questions. Our HR team prefers dialogues over one-way interviews.

Be you

No need to wear a fancy suit if that's not your cup of tea. Come as you are; so do we.

Don’t be late

Show how eager, respectful and trustworthy you are by arriving in time.

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